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Here you can find our blogposts, with tips, tricks and information about SEO for Magento, SEOshop, Shopify and later on, also for BigCommerce.

Shopify SEO

Are you using Shopify as the webshop system to sell your product? Do you want to sell more products and outrank your competitors?  Then read this definitive guide on how to optimize your Shopify shop for the search engines!

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3 SEO trends of 2015 and 2016

The way Google ranks websites is based on a lot of different factors and constantly changing with each and every update. And with the rules of the game constantly changing, it’s hard to know what works, still works and what doesn’t.

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Quality matters, how we designed ReloadSEO

When we started planning the ReloadSEO Magento plugin back in 2014, we also immediately decided on a few core principles that we wanted pursue:

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Magento SEO & Hosting

SEO is more than just writing good content and optimizing search terms. There are lot of other circumstances that are relevant for your search presence. Some of them are hosting-related. Speed, stability and security are very important factors.

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