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Install and settings

Automatically putting in the brand name

If you automatically put the brand name for the product name in the title, in the URL and the full title, you need to make sure to check the boxen in shop settings.

Make sure you check these settings in you back office and fill in the shop settings in ReloadSEO. The settings in ReloadSEO should correspond with your back office settings as the checkboxes do not actually overrule your back office settings. These are just here to make sure we calculate the right SEO score.

I installed ReloadSEO but it doesn’t work yet

Sometimes it takes a little while to upload all your products in ReloadSEO. We will link your domain to a ReloadSEO account as soon as all your products are uploaded.

In the meantime, grab a cup of coffee and start with reading our manual!

Where can I change the language?

ReloadSEO automatically sets the language in English. You can easily change the language of ReloadSEO at account settings.
At choose languages you can choose between Dutch, German or English.



Can I use the same keyword for several products?

Do not use 1 keyword for several products or pages. If you do your pages will compete with each other, which will end up in a lower ranking.

Optimize your categories for a more broader keyword and your products for specific keywords.

For example: 

Categorie: Senseo

Product: Senseo coffee pads, Senseo decaf, Senseo decaf coffee etc.


Read our blogs about keywords:

How to properly research for keywords


I don’t know where to start

We know it’s a lot of work. So what is the most efficient way to optimize your store?

You should start with the most popular products and categories. In most cases, about 20% of your products are responsible for 80% of your revenue. By optimizing these products in ReloadSEO, you will create awesome pages which rank high in Google, increase your conversion rates and lead to lower cost per click in AdWords.

Is a 100% SEO score essential?

A 100% score is absolutely awesome. But it is not essential. We recommend optimizing your products, pages and categories to at least 80%. With a 80% SEO score you’re already able to achieve great results!

Is it possible to optimize my shop for multiple languages?

Yes this is possible. You can switch between your languages in the upper right corner. ReloadSEO automatically starts with the English products.

When optimizing a product, make sure you save your changes before switching between languages. The changes will not be saved automatically.

Text description is shorter than the recommended 300 words

It is understandable that you can’t come up with a content of 300 words with each product. Make sure in any case that the content is relevant and understandable. Adding nonsensical text to comply with the minimum amount of words will not ensure a higher score in Google.

It’s not bad that you will not come to an SEO score of 100%. With a score above 80% is already very good.


Read our blog about content for products and pages here!

The Meta title is longer than the recommended pixel length. But the table tells me that there are still some pixels left.

Did you check your shop-settings in ReloadSEO? You probably approved to automatically set the brand before the meta title in your backoffice. This, the automatically generated brand, is part of your Meta-title and is already calculated in the pixel length in the SEO score.

The table however only counts the amount of pixels you applied. So if you’ve allowed your platform to automatically set the brand before the meta title and didn’t set the shop settings in the same way, the numbers in the table will not be correct.


Not sure how to write awesome meta titles and meta descriptions? Read this blog.

Using the keyword in the URL of the page

Add the keyword in the URL of your page. The first field of ReloadSEO, the title is also the input for your URL. If you add the keyword here it will be applied to the URL as well.

What do you mean with: ‘Use 2 or more times heading tags in your text?’

This means that you have to add headings to the main text. You can add headings with the button Formats.
For example:

This is a heading 1

This is a heading 2


If you want to add a heading to a sentence, make sure to hit enter at the end of the sentence first. Otherwise the whole paragraph will be a heading.


We also wrote a blog about headings: Headings, why and how should you add them to your content?

Can I add more than 1 keyword?

In ReloadSEO it’s not possible to add more than 1 keyword.

We recommend optimizing your content for one keyword because it will help you write content specifically for that keyword. Relevancy is very important for the search engines!

Unique content is very important as well and you should choose a specific keyword for every product/page. Keep in mind that you should not optimize more than 1 page for the same keyword. You don’t want your page to compete with each other.

Can I bulk add keywords in ReloadSEO?

It’s not possible to bulk add keywords in ReloadSEO. Unique content is very important as well and you should choose a specific keyword for every product/page. Keep in mind that you should not optimize more than 1 page for the same keyword. You don’t want your page to compete with each other.



How long does it take to see results?

Depending on the number of visits to your page among other things, it can take between 24 hours to 12 weeks before your page is re-indexed by the search engines. Only after a new indexation of search engines, changes in for example the meta title and meta description will be visible in Google and the other search engines. ReloadSEO has no influence on this, obviously.

Results in terms of ranking in search engines like Google are approximately stable after 2 to 3 months. In the meantime, your position will fluctuate in Google, because they will measure up what is the right position for you. This is what we call “the sandbox”.



How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your ReloadSEO account in the back office. Just uninstall the app.

Note: When you cancel your ReloadSEO account, we are not able to save your keywords in our database. So, when you want to re-install ReloadSEO you’ll have to apply all your keywords again. All the other changes are saved in your back office.

Please let us know if you cancel your account. We would love to know your reason(s).

Can you help with optimizing my webshop?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. We give you the tools to optimize your shop as simple as possible. Completing this, is something you will have to do for yourself!

Categories are presented twice. How can I fix this?

This can happen if you created a page, then removed it and created it again. In ReloadSEO itself, you can’t remove the category. It is not necessary to optimize the page, the page does not exist anymore. So, you can optimize the newest one, because that’s the one that does exist.

If it’s really annoying, please let us know. Our programmers might be able to delete them for you.

Why the use of pixels instead of characters in the Meta title and Meta description?

Since 2014, Google calculates your Meta title and description based on pixels ( For this reason, ReloadSEO makes use of pixels.

Not sure how to write awesome meta titles and meta descriptions? Read this blog.

Will I lose data if I uninstall ReloadSEO?

You won’t lose the changes you made in ReloadSEO. All relevant data is saved in your back office environment.
If you want to reinstall ReloadSEO later on. For example to optimize new products or when Google changed the SEO rules, you will only have to add the keywords again. It’s impossible for us to store this data in your back office and we’re not able to store all this data our selfs.
This will not change anything for your rankings. So no worries!

We advice to keep the ReloadSEO app as we keep our algorithm up-to-date to Google’s changes. This way you instantly know what needs fixing.


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