Analytics reports & search insights

In order to really understand your search marketing performance, it’s important to measure SEO metrics and track changes month over month.

With the ReloadSEO dashboard you discover your top performing pages, keywords and areas of your website that need to be optimized for the search engines.
Your SEO dashboard in just few minutes
Install ReloadSEO in a few clicks and we pull your data automatically. Your KPI dashboard is ready in a few minutes.
Analytics + Search Console + Your shopping platform
We crunch the data of Google Analytics, Search Console and the back-end of your shopping platform to bring you data you can trust and act on.

Position tracking

Monitor your rankings over time and chart your performance against your competitors.

ReloadSEO lets you track your your Google rankings on desktop and mobile across 170 countries.

Discover money making keywords

Get trustworthy, up-to-date information about a specific keyword.

Find low hanging fruit, discover relevant keywords, analyze the difficulty and see click estimations.
100+ countries supported
Target each campaing to the right users
3+ data sources including Google Keyword Planner
Keyword difficulty analyzer
Click data for the top positions
Gather phrase matches and related keywords
On-page optimization on steroids

Write for people and search engines.

Optimize your content and sync in real time thanks to our API integration with all major shopping platforms.
“Wow, wow, wow, the content live sync is a total game changer for our store. Our content team no longer works in Magento but optimizes all content directly in ReloadSEO.”
Edward Postma
– Store owner
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SEO, gamified. Tested a lot of different SEO apps: this one rocks for ease-of-use, accuracy, and (AMAZINGLY) fun to use!
Gym’s Boutique
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This app works great and is very easy to use. We are very happy with the results. Great Job!
Wood Monkeys
Magento store
Important SEO factor
Broken pages
Duplicate pages
Inbound links   
Canonical pages
Meta information
And 140+ other factors.
Intelligent crawling of your pages

Manage your site’s health: Find and fix issues. Fast.

Errors aren’t always easy to spot. Our own crawler hunts for issues on your site and shows you how to solve them.

Find link opportunities.

Find link opportunities and give your store a backlink boost. Analyze your own backlink profile or that of major competitors.

ReloadSEO has one of the largest backlink index in the industry and crawls more than 6 billion pages on a daily basis.
Backlink prospecting
Analyze your backlink profile or that of your competitors. Dig deeper in the thrust or citation flow and score new backlinks.
Backlink monitoring
We ping your backlinks weekly. This way you are the first to know when one of your backlinks goes offline.