Headings, why and how should you add them to your content?

Headings, why and how should you add them to your content?

Headings, why and how should you add them to your content?

We get a lot of questions about headings: Why should I use them? What’s the right way to use them? And how do I add headings in ReloadSEO? In order to answer your questions about headings, we decided to write this blog.

What are headings?

Headings are used to add structure in your content. You can add headings with classic HTML <h1> </h1> or by using the formats button in the text editor. Headings come in different sizes depending on theme of your shop.

Why are headings important?

>When visiting a site, most people quickly scan over a page first before reading it closely. People generally will scan the headings, pictures and links to make sure that the page contains the content what they’re looking for. This means that headings are very important for users. They tell your visitors what they can expect to find on the page. As you know, the search engines find user friendly pages very important. When the search engines scan your site, headings will help them to easily grasp the main topics of your page. While you’re at it, use your keyword in the headings to let the search engines know what it is that you want to rank for!

How to add headings

We made it easy to add headings to your content.  You can add headings with the “Formats” button.

For example:


If you want to add a heading to a sentence, make sure to hit enter at the end of the sentence. Otherwise, the whole paragraph will be a heading. Watch this how-to video:

There is already a heading in my page structure

In most themes, there are already headings added in the main structure of the page. For example, the product or category title has an H1 tag. The SEO-score of ReloadSEO is not able to take that in account and will tell you to add two headings into your main content. If you do have hard coded headings in your theme, you can choose not to add multiple headings into your main content. Especially when the content doesn’t contain a lot of words. In that case, you will not be able to get a SEO-score of 100% in ReloadSEO. That doesn’t matter though as long as you know better ;).

So in conclusion, a nice heading structure will boost your SEO. Simple as that! Do you have any other questions regarding Heading tags? Feel free to contact us at support@reloadseo.com!

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