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SEO is more than just writing good content and optimizing search terms. There are lot of other circumstances that are relevant for your search presence. Some of them are hosting-related. Speed, stability and security are very important factors.

If you don’t meet other criteria imposed by search engines, the efforts that you have made on optimizing your content can be nullified. Important factors related to your pagerank are the speed of your website, availability and secure connections (SSL).


The importance of speed is a steadily increasing aspect of SEO. Both Google and Bing announced some time ago that they are punishing slow websites, because a slow website is fatal for a good user experience. It doesn’t matter how much time, effort or money you spend on content marketing: when your website is too slow, it will affect your pagerank. Besides, a slow webshop is killing for your conversion.

There are multiple relatively easy ways to improve the speed of your website. Some settings in your Magento-configuration can be adjusted to increase speed and you could for example implement caching methods to decrease load times. Also important is your hostingprovider. It is important that your hostingprovider offers full flexibility to make the adjustments necessary to improve the performance of your webshop. Therefore, Magento requires optimized hosting. Unfortunately this is not offered by most hostingproviders.

A popular provider offerings optimized Magento-hosting and a lot of Magento-knowledge is Skyberate Internet Services. Their hostingplatform is completely optimized to achieve high speed and stability for Magento. Skyberate Internet Services offers all customers of ReloadSEO a speedcheck and free advice about the possibilities to improve performance. In addition, they offer a 25% discount on the implementation of an advanced Full Page Cache.


One of the other important hosting-related preconditions for ensuring a good ranking is uptime. Search engines are crawling are continuously crawling all pages. Downtime will be registered immediately. When you are repeatedly suffering downtime, this could cause search engines to ‘punish’ your website. As mentioned before, a good user experience is one of the main preconditions in determining the pagerank. If a search engines crawler frequently detects downtime, your website will be marked as unreliable.

99% uptime sounds like a lot, but still means 8 hours of downtime on a monthly basis. Search engines definitely don’t appreciate this, not to mention your loss in sales. So when choosing a hosting plan, make sure high uptime is guaranteed. Preferably, your hosting provider offers redundancy and 24/7 monitoring.

Secure connection

Final aspect with a growing importing voor Google and possibly other search engines is security. About a year ago, Google announced that SSL will be one of the new factors relevant for your pagerank. With, all data that is being send between browser and server will be encrypted to prevent hackers from stealing user data, passwords, payment information et cetera. Especially for webshops, SSL is a must-have nowadays. Not only Google attaches high value to SSL: Mozilla (maker of the popular browser Firefox) announced that it won’t longer support non-SSL-websites in the future.

Free performance check?

Are you experiencing high loadtimes or other performance-related issues with Magento? Slow loading pages are killing for your conversion and search presence. Skyberate Internet Services offers all ReloadSEO-customers a free performance-check. Leave your credentials at and you will be contacted as soon as possible. The company will advise you for free and offer tips about improving your performance. If you enter coupon code ‘RELOADSEO’, you will get a 25% discount on the implementation of an advanced caching module which generally doubles the speed of your webshop.

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